Fuel Your Fitness Coaching

The messaging platform that grows your
business and builds deeper relationships.
Turn new leads into motivated customers.

What coaches are saying…

Jack P,
Online Personal Trainer

“My initial hesitation with using GOtivation was that I’d be losing the personal touch that made my brand unique and created an incredibly loyal client base. However…if anything, it’s endeared them to me and my brand even more so.

I would recommend GOtivation to other trainers who:
1) Have interest in learning more about their clients and becoming better coaches
2) Want to create a large base of warm leads/people who view you as the authority without using a time-consuming method
3) Want to add additional value to their current clients, groups, and followers”

New clients are the heartbeat of your business

When you're able to attract new customers, their health and your business both thrive. But when you struggle to convert new clients, no amount of talent or certifications can save you.

GOtivation's messaging platform makes it easy for you to connect, motivate, and convert new clients. For the cost of less than one training session per month, we give you the automation, tools, and brainpower to keep your business (and clients) healthy.

How does GOtivation work?

1. Connect

Inviting new leads to GOtivation is easy.
Since our messenger resides within FB Messenger, there's no new app to download and your users can start connecting in minutes. From there, you can live chat or schedule engaging messages & content in advance.

2. Motivate

It's hard to build online relationships.
That's why we created Motivational Personality™ - an incredible new way to discover what does (and does not) motivate your clients.
We match their Personality to the right motivation, then automatically send them quotes, tips, and info each week.

3. Convert

GOtivation also measures your client's motivation each week. It's displayed as a battery charge - red, yellow, or green.
When motivation is high and they're ready to buy, you'll be the first coach they think of.

What’s Included?

GOtivation includes helpful chat software, automation, and information
that supports your growing online fitness business

Automation (Personalized)

Are you a team of one searching for automation help? Try this:
Every day, we automatically send ALL your leads personalized motivation. It’s delivered when they want & tailored to their personality.
Guess you can scratch those 30 follow-up messages off your to-do list.

Our autoresponder can also be your mini virtual assistant. It’ll email you if there are unread messages and even carry on small talk with your clients.

Scheduler *

If email marketing and Messenger made a baby, this would be it.

GOtivation’s Scheduler lets you create Messenger campaigns. Save time by scheduling messages, content, and special offers weeks in advance. You also get 10x more views than social media. Did we mention it’s way more personal than a generic email blast? Create unique messages for an individual or entire group. It’s your choice.

*Advanced subscription required

Motivational Personality™

The Golden Rule is all wrong.
Treat clients how THEY want to be treated.

GOtivation’s Motivational Personality™ helps you understand exactly how your clients want to be treated. You’ll learn what motivates your clients and get access to successful coaching strategies. We organize all their Personalities, goals, & details in your web app account. No need to take notes.

Motivational Charge™

Ever wish you could have x-ray vision? Sorry, we didn’t invent that. But we did develop an entirely new way to SEE how motivated your clients are every week.

It’s called Motivational Charge™. Your clients answer a few proven questions, then GOtivation shares their motivation level with you both. Savvy coaches follow up. They convert motivated clients and encourage those who need a boost.


Automated Lead Generation *

Struggling to recruit new Beachbody challengers? Asking the same qualification questions over…and over…and over again?

Let GOtivation do it for you! Each week, we’ll automatically ask your new leads an engaging question. We’ll even alert you by email when they reply with interest. All you need to do is jump in and sign them up. It’s a great way to save hours and stress every week.

*Beachbody coaches only – Advanced subscription required