Taking FOREVER to get online fitness clients?
AUTOMATE the process to connect, motivate, and convert.
More clients. Less effort.

New clients are the heartbeat of your business

You're a talented fitness coach. And when you're able to attract new clients, their health and your business both thrive. But when you struggle to convert new customers, no amount of talent or certifications can save you.

You've tried the slimy sales scripts. You email 5 new people a day. You even spent money building a landing page and eBook. So much effort - so few clients.

Instead, what if you could automate the process to connect, motivate, and convert new clients? What if you could "ditch the pitch" and find a way to genuinely build customer relationships? What if you could do all this for less than the cost of one training session?

With GOtivation, your "what if's" are finally possible.

GOtivation personally motivates and engages your new leads - every day. Your clients instantly receive helpful motivation and you get the chance to build lasting relationships. Best of all, when clients are ready to buy, you'll be the first coach they think of.

More clients. Less effort.

Grow your business

Struggling to connect and convert? Give your clients the gift of GOtivation. They'll love the personalized motivation and you'll love the steady stream of new clients.

Save time, stay personal

Do you really have time to message 5 potential clients every day? Simplify your business and save time while GOtivation connects with ALL your leads. You can even schedule your own personalized messages in advance. No more being glued to your phone.

10x your views

78% of emails? Unread.
FB posts reach 5% (and falling).
Cold calls…a hot mess.

Chat for the win!
Messages that get read
10x more.

Messenger affordability

Do you have $100's to spend on an assistant each month?
Let our auto-responder take on the client communication work of multiple assistants. All at a fraction of the cost.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

My initial hesitation with using GOtivation was that I’d be losing the personal touch that made my brand unique and created an incredibly loyal client base. However, I found that clients/leads were easily able to differentiate between daily motivational posts and the times when I would [message them] to check in on things. If anything, it’s endeared them to me and my brand even more so. It’s allowed me to add education and motivation for my clients without any additional work and lets me easily keep in touch with leads that I may otherwise have had a hard time doing so with.

I would recommend GOtivation to other online trainers who:
1) Have interest in learning more about their clients and becoming better coaches
2) Want a way to create a large base of warm leads/people who view you as the authority without using a time-consuming method
3) Want to add additional value to their current clients, groups, and followers

Jack P., Online Personal Trainer

“I feel I do a good job personally connecting with my clients, so I didn’t think I needed GOtivation. But as my classes got bigger, I realized that GOtivation could connect with ALL my clients, wherever they are, and keep them excited about coming back. It’s kinda like they have a whole team of ‘Katie’s’ helping them out!”

Katie B., Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Spenga

“GOtivation is an awesome app to help start your members’ day. [As an owner and trainer], I highly recommend using this tool to motivate yourself, members, students, employees or co-workers!”

Jay D., Owner of JD Strength Performance

“Initially, I wasn’t sure what the motivational messages would be or if they would be applicable to my sport and training style. However, seeing these personalized motivational messages each morning reminds me that I am indeed strong, capable and ready to take on the day. Unless you are already someone who’s super self-motivated, or have someone in your life constantly reminding you to workout, train, eat right, and get off your butt, odds are, you’ll slip. Those single misses are okay and everyone needs a cheat day. But, when one miss becomes a week or more, your fitness lapses. So, instead of building on what you’ve achieved, you’re starting over after each long break. GOtivation’s daily motivations remind me to get off my butt and get moving, to do what I need to do for ME. No more starting over!”

Heather H., Mom/Athlete/GOtivation User

“I love how it helps encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the workout (or lack thereof) that day, it helps me stay positive and strive to improve since I am learning different workout and healthy eating techniques and benefits.”

Renee W., GOtivation User

“The one thing I love most about GOtivation is that the motivation is constant. I enjoy getting it daily. If I fall off the wagon for a day or two and am looking to hop back on, my daily dose of GOtivation helps me out.”

Nikki G., GOtivation User

“There are many plans and trainers, each with their own unique approach to improving client’s health and wellness. What separates GOtivation from all other apps is its reliance on cutting-edge, psychological scientific research to direct the ways in which we interact with members. It is therefore more able and more likely to give you the results you want.”

GOtivation Team Member – PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

How does GOtivation work?


Simply invite your new leads to GOtivation.
Since our messenger resides within FB Messenger, there's no new app to download and your users can start connecting in minutes.


It's hard to build relationships with 143 online clients.
That's why GOtivation can help. We first learn about your clients by asking fitness & motivation questions. Then we match their unique Motivational Personality™ with helpful content - quotes, tips, and info.


Our messaging platform also empowers YOU to join in the conversation. Live chat or schedule helpful messages in advance. Learn about your clients, build better relationships, and turn new leads into happy customers.